Wednesday, November 17, 2010

How to Yacht, a comprehensive guide, part 1: Motoring

The old Aquarama
The new Aquarama

I'm not usually a big fan of motorboats, I was brought up in an environment where sail-power was considered the means of choice with regards to water-travel, in which motor boats were to be classed as 'promene-couillons' (an eloquent french term which translates to, more or less, 'wanderer-of-sods'). 

however I've recently been taken by a passion for the stunning Riva Aquarama (seen in pictures above). These boats are built in a factory suitably located on a picturesque Como-style lake next to Milan in Italy, they're renowned for their elegant mahogany decks, intricate finishes and melodious twin-engined harmonies. They come fully kitted with a sun-lounge at the back, ideal for when you've got Monica Bellucci on board. Thery're so cool even James Bond drives them in a couple of his movies. I think no-one would mind being called a sod if they were riding in one of these.. I much prefer the old Aquarama but they've pretty much become collectors items and sell for ridiculous sums of money, not that I'd buy one anyway..

On the other hand, you have this (see video below), a joint project between the French fashion house Hermès and luxury perfomance yacht builders Wally yachts, who are responsible for the sweet boat seen in 'The Island' (with Scarlett Johansson). This project was adequately named WHY(?) (Wally Hermes Yacht) and although it's really interesting from a design point of view, it's simply ridiculous. OK it's just a concept rendering, but it still fully deserves it's title of sod-wanderer. I'll let you make your own opinion with this soothing short clip:

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