Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Life Cycles

There's something quite fulfilling about riding a bike around town. There are the obvious points like knowing that you'll get there faster than walking, saving money from public transport and being more eco-friendly than driving a car. It's also quite exciting, the number of riders is increasing everyday which means there are plenty of new opponents to take on in mini traffic-light drag races, this brings a whole new aspect to your commute - underground bike racing. This might lead you to upgrade/modify your bike to get the best performance and ultimately lead you to sadness when you discover the cost of quality parts and equipment. 
The simple fact that it's a few minutes of basic cardio-exercise means that by the time you reach your destination, the endorphins released from the exercise will be flowing to your brain and turn you life into Technicolor. The things going on in the video might not happen to you or me straight away though, but it encapsulates the beauty of bikes pretty well with some great photography and editing.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Tensnake is a German DJ/producer based in Hamburg, a lot of his remixes have been catching on and getting great press recently, they've certainly caught my attention.

I find his sound incredible, it's got that kind of 90's groovy house feel, the kind of tracks you'd hear in a late-night beach bar on a Croatian island, yet the unassuming German coolness of it all means that even if you weren't a big clubber in the 90's (I certainly wasn't) you can still really enjoy it in all of last century's innocence. 

My personal favourite remix has to be the Aloe Blacc one, simply because it's the only good remix which exists of an originally great track, although the vocals on Johnny Dynell's 'Jam Hot' are very sensual, tough choice.. 

Remix Selection by Tensnake

Sunday, January 23, 2011

flight facilities x moop jaw

I've been away for a long time, celebrating christmas/new years and revising for exams, so I didn't really have time to post anything in the past month. unfortunately, this means I now have heaps of stuff I want to get through quite quickly, but it's all good, the internet media sources have been kind for the past couple of months so there's a lot of great content which should wash up on this page relatively soon.

To start, I have the most recent Flight Facilities video for their debut single 'Crave you'.
Flight Facilities is a duo composed of 'James and Hugo' from Sydney, they've kept their identity quite quiet because they reckon that no-one would take them seriously if they actually knew who they were. I'm pretty sure there isn't anyone who couldn't take them seriously if they keep churning out singles like this one.
This is by no means a revolutionary single but it's been executed so perfectly, the smooth vocals are complemented with suitably vibrant synths, pushed forwards by electronic toms and finger snaps and the whole thing is beautifully garnished with a sax solo at the end, which is always a bonus. Anyway I hope you enjoy it as much as I did, the video was created by some more Australians (can they do anything wrong these days?). They go by the pseudonym Moop Jaw, and they're responsible for a whole heap of hipster-yet-nice videos, including two Miami Horror videos which I particularly like. 

Here's an introduction to some of their work, enjoy!:

Monday, December 20, 2010

2010's top 30

Here's 30 of my favourite tracks of 2010 for you to enjoy over the christmas holidays!
Now bring on 2011.

if you are experiencing troubles with the download please follow these instructions:

- Ensure your computer has Winrar or any other archiver
- Click on the 'download it HERE' link above
- Click on Download now, towards the bottom of the page
- Fill the caption in
- Wait 30 seconds (sorry)
- Click on 'Download with filefactory basic' which is at the same place as 'download now' was earlier
- Wait for the file to download
- Extract with Winrar
- Enjoy!

Monday, December 13, 2010


Christopher Nolan’s Dream Layer Map for Inception.

Christopher Nolan is the writer, producer and director for Inception.

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