Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Life Cycles

There's something quite fulfilling about riding a bike around town. There are the obvious points like knowing that you'll get there faster than walking, saving money from public transport and being more eco-friendly than driving a car. It's also quite exciting, the number of riders is increasing everyday which means there are plenty of new opponents to take on in mini traffic-light drag races, this brings a whole new aspect to your commute - underground bike racing. This might lead you to upgrade/modify your bike to get the best performance and ultimately lead you to sadness when you discover the cost of quality parts and equipment. 
The simple fact that it's a few minutes of basic cardio-exercise means that by the time you reach your destination, the endorphins released from the exercise will be flowing to your brain and turn you life into Technicolor. The things going on in the video might not happen to you or me straight away though, but it encapsulates the beauty of bikes pretty well with some great photography and editing.

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