Saturday, December 11, 2010

Saman Keshavarz

Saman Keshavarz is an Iranian born director who lives in California, at only 24 years of age I think it's fair to say he pulls his weight through to the quality of his work. He shoots most of his videos/shorts with canon  7D's and 5D mark II's for those of you who enjoy cameras (the advert in the link is also directed by him!)

He directed the three videos which make the Russ Chimes Midnight Club EP even more epic. The videos are similar in style to the tracks, eclectic bordering on messy but come off beautifully in the end. From what I gather it's the story of these two friends who fought over a girl, one of them gets the girl so the other takes revenge by kidnapping her and bringing her to his midnight club, which is pretty much a slightly older version of a trendy frat party. This angers the first guy who comes in with rage and drama ensues (but I may be wrong..). If you want to watch all the parts I've put the links below (my favourite track/video is Targa):

Part 1: Never Look Back
Part 2: Tertre Rouge
Part 3: Targa

Saman is also responsible for the incredible escape video which I posted earlier, this is a definite must see:

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