Monday, November 8, 2010

BookBook for Ipad

When the ipad came out I promised myself I wouldn't like it. After all, it was just another one of Steve Job's marketing ruses, making us believe that we needed something which, in effect, serves no real purpose. 'All it does is fill an un-existing  gap between the macbook and the iphone, and plus it's an awkward size, too big for your pockets but it would be silly to carry it around in a laptop bag etc.. basically it's rubbish.' those are some of the things I would've said back then. 

Since then however, I have been overwhelmed by a huge amount of want for it, I don't know why, but I have. Damn you, Steve Jobs!

This want is further fuelled by amazing bi-products which keep coming out like this BookBook case by twelve south, which I will accept as a christmas present this year if anyone is looking for ideas. (an ipad to go with it would also be nice).

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